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A little about me

About Me


Hey it's me, Hailey! Your friendly neighbourhood photographer serving  the Greater Toronto Area (based out of Pickering).  Just a little about me...I'm the daughter of a travel agent so naturally I live for traveling!  I would love to get more into shooting elopements and cultural lifestyles one day.   I'm a big musical theatre buff- what I ask for Christmas every year! :) I'm obsessed with anything salty & spicy- yum!   I love to sing even though I won't sing in front of people (my car and my shower are my only fans).  I love, love, love animals- it's killing me not having a pet right now.  Lately I've been spending hours researching dog breeders...but condo life isn't ideal for puppies.  My guilty pleasure is Pinterest- greatest site ever (other than this page of course lol)!  Just a great way to get inspired and set my photo goals.

My Background


My love for art started at a very young age and I have always been drawn to all things art. Everything from dance, to painting, to music.  I guess you can say my mind lives in the right side of my brain.  I started to fall in love with photography specifically in high school- continuing my studies at Brock University.  I never dreamed of making photography a career- no seriously!  It was my family and friends that really brought me to where I am today.  I would often bring my camera to family outings and other gatherings but it's their requests that made me consider my love of photography as a career.  There's no greater feeling than sharing your work and helping create lasting memories for everyone to enjoy.  

My Philosophy


Family photos are something I wish my own family did more of.   Not only are you creating a snapshot of that time, but you end up creating a window into the moment you can share with family, friends and loved ones as well.  There's something very powerful about the way photography can bring people together.  There's a reason why sessions often become traditions for families.  I have a large family myself and really any reason for us all to be together truly is a blessing.  We are all so busy in our lives and I can't even imagine those of you that have kids in the mix.  But I'm here to help you do it!  There's no moment too big or too small that I wouldn't be honoured to help capture.  Let's connect today!